The omnipresent soul and profound thought express themselves through an image
that is only a vague representation of the possible.

The quest for perfection is present in each work.

Today, more and more oriented towards the limitless and wishing to connect dream and reality,
I try to express my feelings with an infinite amount of patience and gentleness.
An experience of life in the past or at present is often the basis of a work.

I let myself be carried away by the color which feeds my thoughts.

After applying an undercoat to the canvas, I am overcome,
I enter into a dream which pushes me into working with softness or with force
my palette knife can then either caress the canvas with an infinite amount of gentleness
or apply the material with much force and rigour.
It is only when I get out of my dream that I can add the final touches to my painting
when I discover it in the reality of the moment.